The Celebration Tree Project
The Tree Project was an international Holiday Celebration Tree. Folks from the world-wide MCS/CI community sent ornaments to MA and she decorated 5 huddled-together trees in the mountains of New Mexico. Click on the Tree Project picture for the story of the project.
  Celebration Tree Project   
  The celebration tree came bursting into life as the moon rose in the Mountain sky at 7:30PM MST on December 22, 1999.

Joining well over a hundred and fifty decorated trees on a road running through Cibola National Forest in New Mexico, USA, a tree was decorated by people from around the world who suffer from, or know someone who suffers from, the various maladies that are plaguing our world today. My search began---I wanted to choose a very special tree--- I considered a tree standing alone---isolated from the rest--devoid of leaves or needles--on the edge of the forest (a metaphor for our existence), but as I drove the forest road time and again this thought became more and more unsettling ----- I realized that we should no longer accept this metaphor. We must reclaim our place in the sun and we must stand unified in our goals of once again living healthy, meaningful lives. That dream would require a new metaphor. Again and again I searched---no tree looked "right." But this I knew--- it must not be surrounded by fence, it must not be near pollution, it must not stand alone or be perched precariously on the edge of a rock formation.

The time of the cyber celebration drew nigh---at 5:00 PM I gathered up 100 feet of purple and gold shining garland and headed down the mountain continuing my search. Just as the sun disappeared in the Western horizon---the moon inched her way upward from the Eastern horizon like an elegant glowing yellow orb--I paused in awe. But time was short. As I was about to drive away five small, interesting trees of varying shapes and heights, lush with long pine needles, huddling together and lovingly touching branches caught my eye--- they appeared to be swaying back and forth in tempo with the breeze beckoning me to join in their joyful dance--- I did! The trees were shielded by a bank topped by towering, powerful, stately pines carefully guarding them from the West wind. I had finally found what had eluded me for weeks--I had found the perfect spot and the perfect metaphor.

Happily, I wove the garland back and forth between the branches---uniting them in a huge bundle of cheer---then dashed home to dress for this special celebration--- purple and yellow warm clothes -- a necklace that said "Pollution is killing the things I love---Please Help!!" oh yes, and a tiara that was sent by a dear friend. I tied wires to the ornaments which had been sent to me from around the world and again headed down the mountain at 7:30PM MST to join in the celebration of cheer and hope that was taking place around the world. The sky was indigo --the moon was now high, directing her luminous beams on "our" trees, shadows were tripping merrily on the mountain side, stars were glistening. A fellow forest creature arrived and together we set about the joyful bedecking--giggling, freezing and enjoying the bounty of this magnificent forest on such an electrifying night---some ornaments were specially made to feed the birds in the forest---some were hand made---some were taken from personal trees---ALL were wonderful, sent with much love and the stories behind them, and perfect for our very "perfect" trees. One last ornament remained---a huge purple and yellow chemical injury awareness ribbon--where shall it rest? A branch reached out to me offering to wear this very special ribbon. And so it was, the celebration trees were complete. We stood back and admired what now was the most beautiful event on the mountain, watching moonbeams bounce gaily between garland and ornaments.

The joy, hope, love and cheer that this celebration represents WILL be the catalyst that helps reclaim the health and the lives of all beings on this planet, as the group of five trees stand proudly together--linking branches, reclaiming their place in the warmth of the morning sun--and looking forward to a unified vision of health returning to the Earth.

At 9:00PM MST I packed up the car, straightened my tiara, and drove South towards home---a star raced across the sky and tears of joy rolled down my now scarlet cheeks---I felt blessed--it was a perfect celebration on a perfect night on a perfect mountain with a perfect moon--- and I arrived home to a perfect message from a Gulf War Vet ---he said the celebration was "MOONIFICENT"----

Love from the Mountain---Maggie Maeve Carson MacRaven---looking forward to a brighter future!

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